baby wipes contain alcohol

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Do any baby wipes contain alcohol? - ParentingNot really alcohol wipes, its just that most baby wipes around now have so much gunk that even though they "claim" they are hypoallergenic they Do Baby Wipes Have Alcohol in Them? (Plus Why Or Why NotAlcohol and other disinfectants are not included in baby wipes because it would easily irritate a baby's sensitive skin. Instead, most baby wipes include mild 
Huggies Natural Care Sensitive® Wipes - Alcohol Free BabyContains 99% Water. Our Huggies Natural Care™ Wipes have you covered, with 99% water filtered 3x. Safe for Sensitive Skin. Our hypoallergenic wipes include Baby Wipes Frequently Asked Questions - HuggiesA. All Huggies Baby Wipes are alcohol (means Ethanol and Isopropanol) and soap free. We have developed two different varieties of wipes so that all skin types Ingredients to Avoid In Baby Wipes | NatracareMany brands of baby wipes contain ingredients that we wouldn't feel comfortably  alcohol;; isopropyl myristate;; propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol (PEG); Wet wipe - WikipediaA wet wipe, also known as a wet towel or a moist towelette, disinfecting wipe, or a baby wipe in  In addition, some brands of wipes contain alcohol, which can kill the bacteria and enzymes responsible for breaking down solid waste in septic 

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